With the successful weekend had in January, we begin to move closer to our original date we had in mind in 2010. Myth-a-Con will be held on the September long weekend, August 31, Sept 1 &2.

We have decided to "tweak" our schedule to include more games over the 3 days. Also we have reformatted our RPG section and we hope to bring out many more players this fall.

Myth-a-Con will be held on August 31- Sept 2nd at the Calgary Marlborough Park Community Association 6021 Madigan Drive NE.

A new community event

March 20,2012

The Pirates of the Plains have been running a fall convention for the past 10 years called ConViction. This event was created to support the RPGA (Role-Playing Gamers' Association) events of Living Greyhawk and now Living Forgotten Realms. Their experience in running this event has helped them to build on it and add more new events for the gaming community of Calgary. They approched the Ultimate Gamers to add in miniature tabletop games such as Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, Monsterpocalypse, WarMachine and the smaller skirmish games such as Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada, Strange Aeons and Infinity and the Calgary D&D Meet-up Group to add more RPGs to the mix!. The Pirates, Meet-ups and Ultimate Gamers renamed this convention Myth-a-Con.

More games for everyone!

March 20,2012

As we expand the convention our goal is to maintain quality of events as well as ensure that there is something for everyone. Here are some of the expanded events in the Table Top line up:

For those Role-Players out there we have not forgotten what made ConViction such a success. More than just RPGA events we are including:

What else is in the works

March 20,2012

We are currently working on: