An expansion of the ConViction convention hosted by the Pirates of the Plains Fellowship for the past 10 years. This year the convention expands with help of the Ultimate Gamers, the Calgary D&D Meet-up and Myth Games

Schedule of Events

March 20, 2012

You can go here to see the fully expanded Schedule of Events

How to Register

March 20, 2012

Myth-a-Con wants to make sure you have a couple ways to register! We would prefer that all guests use the Warhorn site, but if you prefer a pen and paper way you can download the registration form here. You need to bring it to Myth Games with payment once it is completed.

We are using a web based registration system that the Pirates of the Plains have been using for the better part of a decade. This system is called Warhorn. The Warhorn system is generally used by Role-Playing conventions, but they do have the ability to show all of the events. There are some things you need to know:

  1. You have to register first. The site has payment options and we have done our best to cover every possibility.
  2. Once you register, you need to pay for the games. You can do this one of two ways:
    1. Pay online using PayPal (that option is right on the registration site)
    2. Pay at Myth Games. Myth Games can take your payment by CASH, DEBIT, VISA or MASTERCARD (Gift Certificates cannot be used as the event is not run by Myth Games. Please note that Debit/VISA/MC will have to include GST)
  3. After you have paid, you will then be cleared to SIGN UP for games. You will receive an email from the Warhorn site stating that you have been cleared. Please note, your registration is monitored. Please do not sign up for games that you have not paid for.
  4. If you ARE NOT playing any RPGA event, you can just ignore the portion of the SIGN UP that asks for your Role and Level.


March 20,2011

Here we will try to answer to most common questions.

Q: What are your prices?

A:We have revamped our passes system as it was very cumbersome to administer. Now there is a single pass:

  1. Early Bird Weekend Pass (before June 30th) $50.00- This pass also gives you access to all Role-playing games at no further cost.
  2. Regular Weekend Pass (after July 1st) $60.00
  3. Friday ONLY $25.00
  4. Saturday ONLY and Sunday ONLY passes are $30.00 each

Then each event has a seperate price:

Warhammer Fantasy Event- Team $25.00 per member
Warhammer Fantasy Event- Singles Event $25.00
Warhammer 40k Event- Team $25.00 per member
Warhammer 40k Event- Singles Event $25.00
Infinity Event $15.00
Uncharted Seas Event $10.00
Malifaux $10.00
Firestorm Armada Event $10.00
WarMachine Steamroller Event (Friday) $25.00
WarMachine Team Event- Mangled Metal/Tooth & Claw $15.00 (per member)
WarMachine Battle Engine Tournament (Sunday) $25.00
HeroClix SEALED $20.00 (includes 2 packs of Clix)


Q- Hotels in the Area?

When looking for hotels in Calgary, if you choose one that is just off of 16th Avenue (#1 Transcanada Highway) and BArlow Trail, most of these hotels are about 10 minutes from the Community Centre.

Some choices are:

Calgary Coast Plaza Airport
This is the closest hotel to the Community Centre. A two-minute drive, or 15 minute walk.

Days Inn Calgary Airport
Approx a 10 minute drive to the venue.

Holiday Inn Calgary Airport
Approx a 10 minute drive to the venue.

Radisson Hotel Calgary Airport
Approx a 10 minute drive to the venue.

Best Western Airport Inn
Approx a 10 minute drive to the venue.

The Pointe Inn
Approx a 10 minute drive to the venue.

Check with Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline etc to see if you can get a better rate than what is on the hotel website.

Q: What are your refund policies?

A: You can receive a FULL REFUND if you let us know BEFORE August 15th. After that all payments are NON-REFUNDABLE

Q: What methods of payment do you accept at the Community Centre?

A: The only reliable method of payment is CASH. Some vendors may take Credit, but no one has the ability to accept Debit

Q: What can we buy at the convention?

A: We have a fully stocked kitchen serving hot meals all day/night. The menu will be online later. There will be a few vendors there, so we can tell you what they sell when we know that they will be at the convention.

Contact Us

The easiest way to get a hold of the entire administration team is to head over to Facebook.


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